Monday, November 3, 2014

Lutron continues to expand its offering of 0-10V controls that are compatible with LED fixtures and drivers on the market today.  Available late November 2014 at all Hein Service Centers.

Diva 0-10V Dimmer #DVSTV-XX $69
  • 0-10V LED driver and electronic fluorescent ballast control
  • Can be used in Single Pole/ 3-way applications (use a switch at the second location)
  • Switches up to 8A of load current at 120V through 277V; 50mA of sink current
  • Patented technology extends relay life to 10 years
  • Easy retrofit with no neutral
  • No need for a Power Pack – works at 120V through 277V without a Power Pack
  • Control has a high and low end trim to adjust the 0-10V output for optimal dimming performance. High-end trim for energy savings, low-end trim to prevent flicker/drop-out
  • Can be used with wired occupancy and vacancy sensors through a Power Pack (app note coming soon)
  • UL, CSA and NOM approved
  • View a product specification page here.
Maestro 0-10V Dimmer/Occupancy Sensor #MS-Z101-XX $75
  • 0–10 V Dimmer Controls 0-10 V fluorescent and LED fixtures
  • Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor
  • Fine motion detection
  • Simple and cost-effective means more jobs
  • Fewer parts than a typical dimming and sensing solution
  • Less time spent on installation
  • Quick installation
  • Works right out of the box—no programming required
  • No false-ons or false-offs
  • View a product specification page here.