Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 Focus on Energy Incentive Form and Catalog
Focus on Energy has made it easier to apply for lighting incentives in 2014. The form has been condensed into just 2 short pages.  Use the step by step lighting catalog, sorted by product category, to obtain the code number and dollar value needed for each product type.  Use this information to fill in the chart on page two of the form.  

Please reference page 4 for submittal instructions, and contact our Lighting Department for assistance.

2014 Focus on Energy Form
2014 Lighting Incentive Catalog
Hein Electric Supply Lighting Department

Introducing the 150 watt LED replacement for a 400 Watt Floodlight and Area Light.  Reduce energy consumption by 66% without sacrificing light output.  Available in 3 color temperatures, multiple mounting options, and your choice of white or bronze.  Please view more product information here and contact a member of our Lighting Department for more information.